Kingdom Culture Pt4 – Mission

147509356_ca246c87371Matthew 5:14 says, “You are the light of the world. A city set on a hill cannot be hidden.”

Any discussion on kingdom culture has to include the all important topic of mission. At Activate Church we are seeking to become a missional church, that is, a church obeying Jesus last command as their first priority to ‘Go and make disciples of all nations’ (Matt 28:18).

Too many Christians hide their light in their prayer closets and don’t shed the light of the gospel to a world that desperately needs to see it. The example you set counts for everything. I want to share with you 10 characteristics of a missional church and I have adapted these from Mark Driscoll’s excellent book ‘Vintage Church’.

  1. A missional church is biblical: The bible is the anchor of our missional expression
  2. A missional church preaches and practices repentance: Call both lost sinners to repentance and religious people to repentance.
  3. A missional church goes into culture: Watch TV, listen to talk radio, go shopping, pay attention at the grocery store, visit borders bookstore, pay attention to kids and teenagers, Talk to the people, go online and break your routine.
  4. A missional church contextualises the gospel: Follow in Jesus’ footsteps as he incarnates the gospel in the world.
  5. A missional church ministers to both families & singles: Many churches are soley focused on families but the surge of singles as the majority population is increasing.
  6. A missional church trains Christians as missionaries: Train, expect and send Christians to the front line of mission.
  7. A missional church is supernatural: Use the gifts the Spirit has given you to manifest God’s love and power in the earth.
  8. A missional church is countercultural: The kingdom of God is counter-cultural to the spirit of the world so embrace it.
  9. A missional church multiplies itself: Plant churches, multiply campuses, practice unity amongst churches and equip other churches to grow in maturity.
  10. A missional church is messy: Wrestle with questions, culture and theology is messy. Ministering to broken people is messy. Jesus was born in a messy stable but divinity is often seen in the messiest places of our lives.

Lead the Change!

2 Responses to “Kingdom Culture Pt4 – Mission”

  1. Messy. Here lies the crux of the problem. The modern professional christian
    seeking to maintain order and comfort in their lives and protect their families
    from the impact of sin in society goes to great lenghts to avoid mess. In so
    doing religon is born. Mess is where peoples real lives are at. A true disciple
    wishing to reach a lost world must be willing to get messy with the world
    in order to reach it. We must be willing to engage with ‘sinners and tax
    collectors’, have the in our homes, let our children have contact with them
    and compassionately and faithfully bring truth into the mess, light into
    the darkness. Keep leading the change. Lead us into the mess, teach us
    to be comfortable with the uncomfortable. Stuart.

  2. Rach Wallace Says:

    I love the messy bit, too. I remember in one of your messages awhile back (BTW i am really over the words ‘sermon’, ‘message’, etc, sounds so oldskool. How about, I remember during one of your revolutionary Sunday morning concepts??’ lol ) Anyhow, back to the subject… you described church as a messy building site. I just loved the description. A place where we are being built, sometimes slowly, messily, not always dovetailing together, but splintering and grazing one another, often having to shake sawdust out of our shoes as we try to build something real, significant and purposeful. It really strikes a chord with me. Why do we tend to think of Christianity as a neat little package wrapped in a red ribbon? To expect the church to be a place of perfection in all aspects, relationships, theology and mission? We are messy and we always will be. Its the nature of humans. Anywhere there is more than 1 person, there will be tension, discord and problems. But thats life isn’t it, and that is the purpose of church; to work together in spite of our weakness, our messiness. To stick at it even when we feel splintered by someone else or too tired to pick up a hammer. I am loving the concept, Corey. Maybe this is why Jesus became a carpenter. xox

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