Kingdom Culture Pt2 – Family

parkersturners1Kingdom culture is best seen in the family unit. Secular society and the spirit of the age has an agenda to undermine the sacredness of family life but the family unit is the fundamental and foundational building block of society. When family’s implode, it affects everything else in society.

We are trying to build a kingdom culture at Activate Church that promotes and values the spiritual and practical well being of marriage and family relationships. Simone and I teach on relationships (3 week series coming up in May starting Mothers Day) and we try to model in our own lives what a Christ-centered, loving family is to be. We genuinely love each other and love spending time together. No matter how busy I get with ministry responsibilities I never want to sacrifice the spiritual well being of my family.

Here are a few quick tips to building kingdom culture into your family:

  1. Have a Sabbath day off once per week and spend it with your family doing whatever they want.
  2. Be around for as many meals during the week as possible and make the meal an event – eat, discuss, share highlights of day, laugh, read scripture, pray and have fun.
  3. Be available when possible to put your kids to bed if they are younger
  4. Celebrate special occasions…don’t just go through the motions and miss the significant days of life
  5. Schedule special holidays where you can spend extra time with your family
  6. Organise a date night once per week with your spouse where it’s just you and them…eat, talk, have sex, etc
  7. Pray for your family daily
  8. Set an example of Christ-likeness to your kids
  9. Process conflict appropriately infront of your kids (they’re going to face it, you may as well teach them how)
  10. Be intentional about your relationship with them, don’t just skim through life and be filled with regret

I am a busy person and have lots of things to do (fuliflling my call is a privilege) but remember don’t love your job and do your family, love your family and do your job (You can love your job too but be intentional with your loved ones).

Lead the Change!

One Response to “Kingdom Culture Pt2 – Family”

  1. Tracey B Says:

    Its good to read this. We all need to be taught and shown how to manage in a Christian way the family unit. It can get really hard between life, church, work and the general busies of life.
    Thanks I really enjoyed this blog – simple yet very very true.

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