Kingdom Culture Pt1 – Men

3948100_1448a76d6011Over the next week I am going to do a series of blogs on what (God’s) kingdom culture can and should look like from a biblical perspective. The Activate Church community is seeking to embrace these themes and pictures as apart of its normal church life.

The church has benefitted greatly from the influence of women within it. The stats tell us that over half of a church congregation is made up of women. Some of my best leaders have been and are women. But I believe that there needs to be a resurgence in the church of strong male leadership.

For too long women have taken up the mantle of spiritual leader in the home, mostly because the male hasn’t had the spiritual balls to play the role God has called them to. I get sick and tired of seeing men take the back seat while their incredible wives take the lead because they get frustrated waiting for their man to lead. I have listened, prayed for and counseled too many wives who are frustrated to the point of considering walking out, not because they are sinful creatures but because they are sick of the ‘ol boy’ who doesn’t seem to get it.

Alongside this is the reality that too many young aussie males are wasting their lives watching football or porn (or both), masturbating, having sex with their girlfriends and free loading, having no clear direction or responsibility in life. Why is this so? I think because this is the example that has largely been set for them in previous generations.

I am believing and preaching for a tribe of men to rise up within the church to take the lead and set an example to the church and to the world of what a man can do when filled with the love and power of Jesus. Men need to be taught and led how to manage their personal lives (finances, health, relationships) and to work diligently on their personal relationship with Jesus (praying, bible study, serving and giving), as well as not neglecting the importance of a hard days work in their job.

In both my preaching and my leadership I am going to engage more of the male demographic because I believe that men (as well as women) are critical to the direction and moral foundations of a society.

Lead the Change!

2 Responses to “Kingdom Culture Pt1 – Men”

  1. Tracey B Says:

    Awesome Corey

  2. Rach Wallace Says:

    That sounds amazing Corey. Love what you are doing and look forward to seeing this in action! xox

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