Book Review: the radical reformission (Mark Driscoll)

Once a week Simone and I on our separate blogs are going to review a book that we are reading on a weekly basis. Every Monday night Simone and I spend time together sharing with each other and building our marriage relationship. As apart of this time we have started to discuss the latest book we are reading and so we will include these insights into our blog. When I do a review I will include the author; their BIG idea; my review (including favourite chapter) and my rating of the book. Hope it helps.

Author: Mark Driscoll is the founding and preaching pastor of Mars Hill Church in Seattle, Washington.

Big Idea: The current church’s approach to reaching the unchurched is largely inneffective. The church needs to change it’s approach if it’s going to engage with culture. We have to discover how to reach out to the culture without selling out to the spirit and values of the culture. Mark calls for a ‘Reformission’ which takes a biblical look at what mission really is and not what some of the church has made it to be. Mark draws clear distinctions between the gospel, the culture and the church that makes sense. At the core of reformission is the call to be courageous and yet humble, biblically faithful and yet culturally accessible and a commitmen to love what loves – people, not traditions.

Review: I think this is a fantastic book and a timely read for where God is leading Activate Church currently. Mark is very funny in the way he tackles and theologically overcomes the traditional barriers that believers put up to the culture. My favourite chapter (4) is titled ‘Elvis in Eden’ because it deconstructs our outmoded and fear-mongering paradigms that restrict us from engaging with unchurched culture. This book disarms you and pops the balloon of unbiblical yet devout traditional forms of thinking around keeping distant from the culture. This is a must read for the Christian serious about living out the gospel of Jesus in a confused and broken culture. Not for the faint-hearted, you will be provoked and challenged to your core.

Rating: 8/10

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    sounds cool!

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