Easter Weekend!

2552357124_a0bf3647671Every Easter thousands of people flock to their holiday destinations for 4 days of frivolity and fun. There’s nothing wrong with taking a break and relaxing but I want to challenge you this year to prioritise gathering together in a local church somewhere to worship God and remember what our sin did to Jesus Christ on the cross.

I want to be counter-cultural as a follower of Christ. I believe that Easter weekend is the most significant weekend in the annual calendar and I have always prioritised attendance at church and reflection on the goodness of God in sending his son Jesus Christ to die for my sins and to rise again to give me new life.

How are you going to spend easter weekend? Is it going to just be more about you or would you be willing to sacrifice you to think about Him?

This weekend at Activate Church we are hosting a Good Friday service at 10am and Easter Sunday services at 10am and 6pm at Ringwood Secondary College Performing Arts Centre. You can check out the website www.activatechurch.com for more details. Why don’t you make it a priority to attend church, any church and think about the significance of Jesus Christ and his death on the cross and why over 2 billion people over this weekend will do the same thing.

Lead the Change!

One Response to “Easter Weekend!”

  1. Love it Corey.
    We usually go away at easter, but always make it a priority to visit a local/country church wherever we are.
    Its great! Usually we double the congregation simply by attending!!

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