Activate 2010 – 24hr Conference

Wow, I am recovering from 4 intense days of Activate Conference and 3rd birthday celebrations at Activate Church. I’m sorry for not blogging over these last few days but I was flat chat. I’m back on and expect to churn out multiple blogs everyday in your direction. 

Activate 09 was far superior than last year (even though activate 08 was fantastic).  There were several reasons for this. They include the following:

  • More registrations
  • Excellent venue
  • Great sponsor support (like 08)
  • God’s presence
  • Multi-media
  • Richness of preaching
  • Diversity of speakers
  • Inspiring worship
  • Electric atmosphere
  • Incredible volunteers
  • Fellowship
  • Organisation behind the secenes
  • Teamwork

If you missed Activate 09 make sure that you register for Activate 2010. We will be hosting the first 24hr conference in Australia. YES, that’s right from Friday night 26th March to Saturday night 27th march we will be activating men and women, kids, teenagers, parents, pastors and leaders to LEAD THE CHANGE right where they are.

The program will begin at 7.30pm on the Friday night with an opening blockbuster and incredible teaching from one of our several guest speakers including prophet Greg Burson from NZ. We will have a second session at 10pm-11.30pm and then we will have a youth stream starting at midnight with an incredible praise party and teaching from the amazing MJ. The rest of the program will be revealed in the coming months.

I am believing for an additional 500+ registrations on top of what we he had this year because I believe that Activate Conference is a move of God in this nation and you don’t want to miss out on being apart of this incredible experience.

Why don’t you set aside one day (24hrs) in your life to position yourself to encounter God and be activated to LEAD THE CHANGE! Registration details will be available in the next few months. This conference is only 24hrs long and it will be a catalyst to great transformation in your life. 

Lead the Change!

6 Responses to “Activate 2010 – 24hr Conference”

  1. unknown Says:

    Why are you puttin on conferences? Because you cant teach enough out of your current church? I get when someone puts one on for a group of churches to come together to fellowship but your putting them on to “help” people learn more about God, Leadership, worship & Whatever else you can cook up. Cant you do this in your own church? And dont say your doing it for other people because should they not be getting fed from their church too. And if they are not why not just go to your church and learn there not have people going to a conference because you want to have one. Your not the only church doing this. And a 24hour conference? Come on. Your now trying to be different without thinking if you really need a Conference.

    I’m Glad your heart is there trying to help feed people who are dry but your going to all lengths. “Church” the model, the structure and the programs are so pushed by churches like yours as you have fallen into this religious type of walk. You do things to shock: SEX!! PORN!! 24 HOUR CONFERENCE. How ever how about doing the things you know you do well like building friendships of strength, Go to the tattoo parlour and sit and chat with the guy who did ya tatt. Stop trying to be better than other churches or be “Different”, “Relevant” or even “Cool” and be the church that many of us need. A place that is free of the bull shit that so many are spinnin. Please your even saying you want more registrations that says you just want more people. 500 more to be exact. But what if numbers dropped? Would that be unsuccessful? What if you had 500 more people but they were all disgruntled people from other churches just trying to find a new church that did what they wanted. Eg: Played “Cool” music, preached loud and exciting, spoon fed them how to live life or let them hide.

    But who am I? A nobody to you. Any time I have tried to post to your blogs you’ve deleted them so take it or leave it. Just know I think your better than what your doing. Lead the way dont follow. Stop and think do I need a conference in my church? Do I need to make a big deal about things? Run Pastor Run was on the right track. How good would it have been if it gave all the money away not kept any? (Truely giving)

    Just know your talked about a lot by people who say such great things about you. Dont let the good things get messed up in the need to be inovative or overly creative.

    • Corey Turner Says:

      Ben – thanks for some of the comments you’ve made. Unfortunately you have made other comments that I believe are misled. First of all we aren’t trying to be cool, we are just being who we are. We aren’t trying to be better than anyone else, just doing what God has called us to do. The testimonies from those who have attended from both our church and other churches is extraordinary, including one person who repented of their sins and received salvation after the last session on Sat night. Of course we want more people to experience what they’ve experienced and the comment you’ve made about the people who attended being ‘disgruntled’ is entirely innacurate. They have all returned to their own churches the richer for being at conference. I wonder if you would have the same front to say to them if you were infront of their faces. I doubt it.

      We host a conference once per year because every 5 fold ministry gift (Eph 4:11-13ff) has a responsibility to equip the wider church and a conference is one of the ways we’ve chosen to do this. You obviously have no idea who I am because you wouldn’t be making these misinformed comments if you did. Please think through the accuracy of your comments when shooting from the hip next time and I mean you well but you sound hurt and bitter about something and that is not a healthy place to live life from. Maybe one of the reasons I haven’t published your blog posts is because they are filled with such negativity and bitterness. Cheer up mate!

      I wish you all the best.


  2. “Unknown” have you considered that Activate 09 enabled:

    • an opportunity for the speakers at the conference (being great Pasters, Preachers and Prophets) to come together to share and learn from one another’s experiences and revelations from God…iron sharpens iron.

    • attendees to hear preaching from fantastic men and women of God that we would not have had otherwise. The INSIGHT, revelation and growth resulting from these speakers was unbelievable.

    • Churches to come together in fellowship and worship (the worship was amazing and the growth in friendship with many exponential because of this time together).

    • an opportunity to break the routine of normal life and focus on God and his Son – our Saviour, Jesus Christ, over three amazing days. The opportunity to do this was a real blessing.

    I am not a member of Activate Church but attended the conference. I would suggest before you make unnecessary and flippant comments on the Conference, Cory and Activate Church, you actually experience any and/or all three of the above in person so you can actually have some grounding for any comments you might wish to make.

    There seems to be a real motivation in your spirit to criticise something you have so clearly not experienced (because your perception is miles apart from reality in almost everything you raise). As a result it would not be fruitful to start to comment specifically on your issues because we would not have a common point of reference/experience for you to understand where I would be coming from.

    I will however raise one thing, you allude that a “relevant” Church is one that people do not want. If a Church is not relevant, what then is it and what will it achieve and why would you go there?

    Cory is an amazing man of God, and if you let go of any preconceived notions and give yourself the opportunity to experience Cory or Activate first hand, I think you will find yourself pleasantly surprised.

  3. Rach Wallace Says:

    I enjoyed the intensity of the conference. Church is fantastic, so much so that I’m a bit disappointed when its over. The great thing about conference was the opportunity to get filled to overflowing with great teaching, dynamic worship and a great time deepening friendships. Hanging out for more than 2 hours in one hit does a lot to deepen relationships and it was so nice to spend a whole weekend focusing on God. We think nothing of spending a weekend away for ourselves, so why not for learning more about God? It was my first conference and I really enjoyed it. I do get where you are coming from ‘Unknown’ but I just don’t think our church is like that. Maybe you should come and see if its as dodgy as you think it sounds. You might be surprised by the authenticity of Activate.

  4. Chris Dickson Says:

    Conference was incredible! My life will never be the same! I am so encouraged by the heart and spirit that is motivating us to truly ‘Lead the Change’. I love the idea that we are coming up with such innovative and creative ideas in responding to God’s call. I am personally am so grateful that we are pioneering the birth and growth of such a powerful thrust of God’s spirit. Let’s keep raising the bar! Let’s keep taking new ground for God’s kingdom! And let’s do it with a smile on our faces knowing THE BEST IS YET TO COME! AMEN! Bring on 24!

  5. Wow,

    I think I would have to disagree with most of Unknown’s post

    2 main thoughts…

    Conference’s are a time for people to stop the routine for a few days and position themselves to be transformed by God. What’s more the calibre of speakers you will hear at an activate conference is unbelievable. A conference is whatever you will let it be.

    As for SEX sunday and PORN Sunday… ha … you should have been there. An ignorant person cannot bring about change in a hurting world. Some of the stats would amaze you. Activate is targeting massive areas of enemy impact and taking ground as we bring transformation. Whats more i can personally testify to the amazing change and healing Activate ministry such as these have had in my life.

    And by the way, i personally would have no problem whatsoever “spoon-feeding” any person who enters our church … if I can help facilitate change and healing I WILL

    Yes, Activate is “Relevant” and “Cool” and unfortunately “different” (i wish it was more common) … but I’m a christian and i’m here to bring the lost to Christ not the christians … WE MUST BE RELEVANT

    lead the change

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