Build a leadership culture!

leadership_1_I had a fantastic and honest discussion with one of my closest ministry friends today about the desperate need for strong leadership development in church life. Bob Buford (author of ‘Halftime’) once said, “Leadership is always the issue in any organisation.”

Organisations don’t run by themselves, nor are they sustained by just a few people. Organisations become effective over a long period of time because of the strong leadership culture that is developed within them.

Every organisation has roles and responsibilities needing to be filled and occasionally we source people from outside the organisation to fill those slots but by far the greatest method of raising up leaders is to adopt the farm system, where you develop leaders from the ground up. Easier said than done…I know!

We can spend considerable time hoping, wishing and believing for that great leader to come in from nowhere and solve all your problems but rarely, if ever, does this happen. You need to be intentional and strategic about building a leadership culture. This could look like the following:

  • Once a week teach leadership to your key staff for 30mins with Q&A at the end
  • Once a week spend 1-2hrs mentoring your top 3 team members
  • Once a fortnight get your key leaders in a room and teach, eat, relate and gear their stories for 2hrs
  • Once a month get all your key influencers in your organisation for training for 2hrs
  • Once every 2 months do a leadership Sunday at church and lift the value of leadership up

The apostle Paul said in 2 Timothy 2:2, “What you have heard from me in the presence of mant witnesses entrust to faithful men who will be able to teach others also.”

Lead the Change!

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