Intentional Living!

If you want to achieve a goal in life your diary needs to reflect that intention. Many people have their hearts full of dreams and wishes but never align anything in their day to day life with their goals.

Goals without strategy are only pipe dreams caught in a vaccum. For your goals to be realised you need to allocate strategic time to them.

Currently I am writing my second book. I want to write a 2nd edition to my first book on Vision and I want to bring out a 3rd book on my perspectives on leadership later in the year. This is on top of preaching most weekends at Activate and at outside engagements once a month. As well as this i teach every now and then at the academy and I have the privilege of being a husband and a father. I have goals for each of these areas of my life and for my health and the list goes on.

If I am going to realise my goals in these areas I must get a reality check and see how I am actually going to fulfill  these important opportunities and challenges before me. The same goes for you. Don’t spend your life wishing, hoping and dreaming about what could be. Start pursuing a few concrete goals and schedule time into your life to bring them into reality. Much of day to day life is about getting clear on what you want or what you are responsible for and going after it.

Lead the Change!

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