Cut to the chase!

One of the richest resources we have is time. You cannot buy back time, you can only spend it. We better make sure that we use it wisely and effectively. Scripture says, to “make the best use of the time we have because the days are evil.”

One of the ways that we can make good use of the time we have is to cut to the chase. This is a common statement that promotes getting to the point of something quickly. In our communication with people we need to work on being clear and succinct without losing the fulness of what we’re trying to communicate.

In our business dealings we need to get to the point of the product or the conversation because customers value clarity and understanding what purpose the service or product has to them.

We need to cut to the chase in our time management rather than allow pro-crastination and distractions take us off the main thing. Keep the main thing, the main thing. Get to the point and get there quickly. There is too much happening in the world to beat around the bush and waste people’s time and our time as well.

Lead the Change!

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