Activate Conference!

On April 2-4 we are hosting Activate Conference at the brand new Highway Christian Church facility in Scoresby, Melbourne. There are multiple registration options and we would love to see you at the conference in Melbourne, Australia.

There is a dynamic line up of communicators including John Cameron (NZ), Matt Fielder, David McCracken, Alun Davies, Andrew Newbold and my wife Simone and I.

What makes this conference different from any other conference you’ve attended? Well, there will be similarities to other events you’ve attended but there is a unique move of God taking place at Activate Church that will inform & inspire you to lead the change in the marketplace.

This conference is morphing into something that is challenging people to become influencer’s of others in the world around us. The music is fresh, the presentation innovative, the speakers are practitioners who have proven track records in ministry and the culture of the conference is unique. There will be lots of one on one interviews with the guest leaders and time for interaction amongst conference delegates.

Come along and step into the next phase of what God is calling you to in your personal life and work. Check out

Lead the Change!

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