Hearers and Doers!


Hearing AND doing

Hearing AND doing

James 1:22 says, “But be doers of the Word, and not hearers only, deceiving yourselves.”

I am a pastor and preacher of God’s Word and yet I am amazed at how I can so easily ignore what the Bible callsand asks me to do. Just recently Simone had a massive unexplainable headache and our first option was panadol rather than praying. I felt a conviction in my heart that we should obey what the Word says instead of resorting to other means (not that God can’t use other medicinal means to heal us).

I turned to James 5:13-18 and read about the prayer of faith out loud with my whole family present (Have a read). It talks about how we should respond to sickness. I then did what the scriptures recommended (What a novel idea). I got some oil and anointed Simone’s head with it and all of us, including my 3 kids, laid hands on Simone’s head and began to pray. After the prayer Simone commented that her headache had definitely eased.

There’s nothing wrong with accessing traditional forms of medicine to help us heal. God has given us the capacity to help people in amazing ways to receive medical care and healing but if we are people who live life in alignment with God’s Word and believe that God is truly divine then our first port of call should be adherance to God’s Word not the panadol tablets.

A friend of mine said recently that in India because some people don’t have access to basic medical support they rely upon miracles to see them through. Their faith is great and their prayer lives are even greater. Why? Without a miracle everyday sicknesses, diseases and conditions become life threatening for these people. People in developing countries show us westerners up for their fervancy of faith and persistent prayer.

Let’s not just hear the Word and accumulate knowledge, giving mental assent to God’s words and ideas but let’s be doers of the Word and see the miracle power of God released as we live by faith.

Lead the Change!

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