Get out of the BOX!


Out of Box

Out of Box

It’s so easy to get caught up, in the busyness of our little worlds and forget that everyone else is living a very different life to us. I think it’s important to get out of the box occasionaly and step into another person’s world and discover something new.

Yesterday I visited some very interesting places in the city and got exposure to what’s happening behind the scenes of popular culture in Melbourne. Some of these places included researching at the Theosophical Society on Russell St, having lunch at a hare krishna den on Swanston st, checking out a massive magazine store that has over 5,000 magazines in it on Elizabeth St, perusing a pop culture store called ‘Minotaur’ (very enlightning) and visiting McGills bookstore specialising in business, law, leadership and finance books.

The purpose of the excursion was to get out of the bubble and see what Melburnians are actually getting into from a cultural perspective but also to gather info on our upcoming project, ‘Activate Central’. This trip is apart of an ongoing commitment for me to intentionally position myself in places, cultures and environments that are foreign to me. I sense that God is at work in this process exposing me to paradigms and practices that are preparing me to be a voice of influence in our culture.

What i witnessed at some of the locations was nothing short of extraordinary. At the Theosophical society is every book, resource and paraphenalia known to man (seems like it) on new age, witchcraft, buddhism, paganism, voodoo, shamanism, self-help, astrology, islam, medicine, mysticism, spirituality, phsycology, philosophy, Christianity and the list goes on. The spiritual atmosphere of the environment was intense that left me feeling a little sick in the gut at times. This specific experience opens your eyes to the absolute confusion that exists in our culture. I saw at least 15 books claiming to be the ‘master key to happiness, contentment and peace’. Anyone searching for the truth would be more broke and confused than a termite in a yoyo if they went into this store because you would have to purchase everyone’s ‘master-key’ book to discover their particular brand of truth. What this experience also did is push me closer to Jesus and to knowing God’s Word.

We are living in an age where people are very confused (one of devils strategies), living in despair, grabbing at anything that offers hope and peace and desperately searching for truth. No wonder the gospels talks so much about Jesus being the truth.

I want to encourage you to get out of the box. Go have some lunch with some krishna’s or buddhists or crystal healers or…Collingwood supporters. Just do something to get out of the box you have created for yourself and get exposure to a big, and sadly confused world. You will find it will drive you closer to God. Your passion for God’s truth will increase. You will be informed as to what is going on out in Melbourne right now and you will become a voice in the culture instead of potentially being ignorant of the culture.

Lead the Change!

One Response to “Get out of the BOX!”

  1. >We are living in an age where people are very confused (one of devils >strategies), living in despair, grabbing at anything that offers hope and peace >and desperately searching for truth. No wonder the gospels talks so much >about Jesus being the truth.

    Quack, Quack, Quack.

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