2893897527_26ef370f3b1Sex is a cultural icon and we are living in an increasingly sexualised society. 86.2% of men and 83.7% of women in Australia believe sex before marriage is acceptable. What many people fail to understand is that sex isn’t what just happens when 2 people sleep with each other.

We need to re-think what sexuality is. Sexuality is all the ways we as humans strive to connect with the world, God and each other. My Father attended a Billy Graham Evangelistic Conference in Amsterdam several years ago and as many of you know Amsterdam is known world-wide for its red light district. Each square inch in the red light district is utilised to provoke and promote promiscuous sex and self-indulgence. There are lots of people having sexual intercourse with each other in this district but it’s totally unsexual because no true connection is being made between people.

Scholars tell us that one of the latin words for the phrase ‘sex’ is secare which actually means to sever, amputate or disconnect from the whole. Casual sex leaves the individual feeling disconnected and cut off. You can have sex with many different people and yet feel very alone. Contrary to this, it’s actually possible to be a celibate and yet feel connected to many people through rich relationships and therefore be a very sexual person.

Sexuality has 2 dimensions: 1) Our awareness of how profoundly severed and cut off we are and 2) All the ways we go about trying to reconnect. It’s possible to be married and profoundly disconnected because of the secrets that you hold to yourself. You can sleep together with your spouse and yet be really sleeping alone because of the lack of true connection you have with your spouse.

Sexual dysfunction manifests when people constantly move from relationship to relationship, church to church and social group to social group because of a difficulty to commit and connect. You can’t be connected fully until God is at the centre of your sexuality. God is the origin of sex and everything God has created is good (1 Tim 4:3-5).

Because God is holy, sexuality is holy and before we are able to express our sexuality in a healthy way without being driven by lust or repression, God’s design for our sexuality has to be central in our lives.

Lead the Change!

One Response to “SEX!”

  1. Rach Wallace Says:

    Cool thoughts. Sunday’s service was awesome. So needed, so powerful, so well done. You made my sis-in-law’s day by dressing as a $50 bill – it was the most hilarious thing she has ever seen a pastor do! Too bad I was out of the room, would have been funny hehe

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