EGO = Edging God Out or Exalting God Only

Everyone of us has an EGO. It’s all about how we use it. Some of us use our EGO’s to edge God out of our lives. Whenever we live from a motivation of pride, selfishness and self-exaltation we are edging God out. Edging God Out will destroy relationships, undermine authority, belittle people and bring chaos in your personal life.

We have another option and that is to Exalt God Only! When we exalt God only we are counting others more significant than ourselves. We look to the interests of others as well as our own. We seek to be kind and helpful in all of our relational transactions. We’re quick to give people credit for their contribution and most importantly we remember that if it wasn’t for God’s empowerment in our lives, we’re capable of nothing.

What are you doing with your EGO? Are you edging God out or exalting God only?

Lead the Change!

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