The sacred CALL!

God's calling you!

God's calling you!

Understanding God’s sacred call for your life requires you to discover why you exist. Yes, we exist for relationship with God. Yes, we exist to love our neighbour. Yes, exist to become more like Christ. Yes, we exist to fulfill the Great Commission. But we each have a specific call, a purpose God created us for. Your call is not your decision, it’s your discovery.

Many people describe what they are passionate about as their call but this is not the type of general call I’m talking about. I’m talking about a specific call that goes right to the heart of who you are as a person, not just what you do.

One of the positive messages the church has imbibed of in recent years has been the, “We’re all called to ministry” mantra, which is very biblical and true. But one of the offsets of this important message is that we have often minimised the individual call on people’s lives to fulfill certain tasks and missions on planet earth.

The concept of call is shrouded in mystery, and for good reason, it has a mysterious nature to it because it’s so deeply spiritual and important. A call from God has to do with being set apart by God for a special purpose. Apart from a relationship with God, fulfilling ones call is impossible. A true call brings with it the necessity to be dependant upon God.

Call is the core of spiritual leadership because without it spiritual leadership becomes an exercise in preparing to burn out. Spiritual leadership is hard enough with a call than without it. We need to know we’ve received a call from God and what exactly we are called to do. This requires awareness of what i call “your call story“.

I grew up with a healthy respect and reverence for the concept of divine call. My household was filled with example after example of sacrificial service birthed out of a conviction of the call. From an early age i felt an intuitive call to lead and preach. Although i attempted to run away from the call, i couldn’t ignore it. Try and run but God will pursue you for all the right reasons. If i wasn’t called, i wouldn’t have chosen this pathway of ministry because I wanted to do something else but God had much better plans for me than what i had for myself.

With these thoughts in mind consider 6 questions to help you clarify your call:

  1. How would you currently describe your mission/call?
  2. Have you seen your gifts, talents and passions develop with your call?
  3. Where do you see God’s anointing on your life or where do you feel most alive?
  4. How has your understanding of the call changed over time?
  5. How is your call being expressed currently?
  6. Who is the audience God has called you to?

Lead the Change!

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