So, you’re a leader are you?


Leaders lead

Leaders lead

Leadership is a hot topic in our culture and for good reason. Leadership matters! Currently we are living in a world that desperately needs leaders who lead like Jesus, lead more to Jesus and who are led more by Jesus.

Jesus was the ultimate leader. He currently has 2.1 billion followers and his leadership of himself, one on one, in a team setting and corporately was beyond comparison. Jesus is the supreme leadership model for all humanity regardless of whether you’re a Christ-follower or not.

When it comes down to it. Leadership is about a few central and fundamental issues:

  1. Influence: Anytime someone influences the words, thoughts and actions of other others they are exercising some form of leadership.
  2. Priorities: Leaders determine and clarify what the priorities are and then align resources (people, equipment, facilities, finances, etc) to those priorities.
  3. Reproduce: Leaders reproduce leaders. The greatest pre-occupation of a leader is who else is being raised up as a leader.
  4. Timing: Leaders know when to let go. Great leaders get out of the way at just the right time to release the bottleneck and facilitate ongoing growth and development.

Lead the Change!

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