Keep it FRESH!

If we’re not careful we can allow the circumstances of life to rob us of that divine spark we need to live and work. Weariness, fatigue, exhaustion and bitterness can easily become the words on our lips, the thoughts we think and the framework through which we live our lives.

God has more for us and intended life to be more than constant fatigue and staleness. 1 Timothy 4:16 says to pay close attention to yourself and persist in this. We each have a responsibility to guard our hearts from the negativity in the world around us that will undermine God’s intentions for us.

There are some basic fundamentals to staying fresh in life, work and ministry. The former Green Bay Packers footbal club was a master at drilling his team on the fundamentals. He only had 8 simple plays that he would use on offense but because he drilled his team to execute the plays so diligently, they were unstoppable.

Here are some fundamentals to staying fresh in life and ministry:

  1. Sleep in before midnight, not after midnight
  2. Do some form of exercise regularly
  3. Schedule activities that fill your tank up
  4. Re-focus your devotions on rediscovering your friendship with God.
  5. Plan your week & refine your plan
  6. Refocus on what you love about your work/ministry/marriage

Lead the Change!

8 Responses to “Keep it FRESH!”

  1. Corey, a buddy of mine likes to say that we should live “above the circumstances”, not “under the circumstances”!

  2. Very timely message. Thank you Corey.

  3. yep corey – awesome and impacting – love it.

  4. Great to see you blogging & all the best with ACTIVATE:)

  5. Ben Wallis Says:

    Hey mate,
    Great post, we’re using this as our discussion starter tonight at lifegroup.
    Have a good one!

    • Corey Turner Says:

      I’m glad to hear this helped. I hope you had a great life group sharing together. Our life group on Wednesday night was awesome. See you soon.


  6. Hi Corey,

    Loved what you had to share in DNA the other day (‘Keep it fresh’). So practical and do-able. I’m going to rate myself in each area and make the changes I need to make to feel fresh! I know how important it is…

    BTW, also really enjoyed LG 2nite. Love the new discussion format. And praying for each other was cool too.

    Thanks for your input too, Sim. You rock!

    Thanks for opening up your home and lives to us.

    We love and appreciate you.


  7. Rach Wallace Says:

    This is a breath of fresh air, Corey. I think Christianity sometimes gets interpreted to be self depreciating and driven to the point of personal exhaustion or burnout, which doesn’t profit anyone. Taking healthy stock of your life and keeping the balance is more biblical than spreading yourself too thin in the name of ministry.

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