Spirit-led leadership

John 10:27 says, “My sheep hear my voice, and i know them, and they follow me.”

We need to rediscover a fresh, spontaneous and dynamic relationship with Jesus. Especially if we are to lead others effectively. Recently, i have felt stale spiritually and tired physically and emotionally. Not a great place to lead from. You can only draw out of the well what is in there and when you feel empty inside, it’s difficult to give out and lead others.

I have just climbed out of the rut of staleness. How did i do it? I stopped trying to solve life and ministry issues by myself and returned to asking God one simple question: “How do i live this life?” He answered with “Get up tomorrow morning at 5am with nothing more than your bible and an open heart and I will show you how. Don’t bring your books, formulas or scripture reading guide, just yourself and an open heart.”

My encounter with God that morning was one of the most seminal and life defining i have ever had. Why? Because i re-discovered my friendship with God and what it means to live a SPIRIT-led life not a SELF-led life or a ROUTINE-led life. Stop searching for truth out there, it’s only found in Spirit-led relationship with Jesus. Stop leading only by experience, human intellect, knowledge or people’s advice but re-discover your own personal, spontaneous and dynamic adventure with God.

Today shouldn’t be the same as yesterday if you are journeying with God unless, that’s what God wants. It’s what God wants for you each and everyday that we need to come to him for. Don’t box your day, relationships and ministry up into certain categories that you’ve self-determined. Get up and get with God for your daily instructions and up to date downloads from the throne room of God’s presence. 

Come with an open heart and an open bible and let God do the rest.

Lead the Change!

3 Responses to “Spirit-led leadership”

  1. True & raw. Thanks for sharing…

  2. Chris Dickson Says:

    Love your heart bro! It’s so true…. All it takes is one moment in God’s presence and he can take away weeks, sometimes months of built up pressure and frustration. We have to keep it real, raw, and fresh! Keep charg’n mate!

  3. Yes I like the idea that we are to re-discover our friendship with God each new day.


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