Light UP!

Light UP!

Light UP!

Matthew 5:13-16

emphasises the call for all Christ-followers to be SALT and LIGHT!

Salt adds and preserves flavour to taste and light illuminates and repels dark spaces. Light reveals what you could not see in the dark. Some believers and pre-Christians believe that faith is personal and private but Jesus calls us to, ‘let our light shine before others’, so they may see our good works and give glory to God. 

Faith in God is hardly private. We are supposed to light up the world around us not keep it hidden. Too many of us are closet Christians, try to fit in and be politically correct with church culture rather than being like Jesus who stood out, spoke out and lit up every place he visited.

Our words and actions, interests and relationships all demonstrate our convictions and beliefs. When the world tastes of us they should be able to taste and see that God is good, not bitter. When the world see’s our witness, they should be able to marvel at how authentic and powerful it really is.

Lead the Change!

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