Jesus is HOT, the church is NOT!

2552357124_a0bf3647671Currently in our society, Jesus is far more popular than the church is. The popular Time magazine will always have Jesus on the front cover annually, at least on Easter and Christmas. Business authors write about Jesus leadership and management practices. Bands and musicians write and sing songs about Jesus and his role in the earth.

But get these same people to talk about the church in such glowing light and it’s another story. The church in current culture is approached with skepticism and judgment because there is presumed in our society a big gap between who Jesus is and what the church is.

As a Christ-follower I am passionate about closing the gap between the church and Jesus because the church is called to represent who Jesus is, not offer up a distorted picture of who he is. My thoughts, words, actions and relationships communicate to the world around me what i believe and more importantly who i believe in.

The church has as much a  pivotal role to play in society today as it did in the past. What is required of the church is for the leaders within it to shape and mold their congregations to grow in Christ-like character and to demonstrate Christ’s works in the world. Easy said, tough to accomplish.

The gap has to be closed because the future of the world depends upon it and until the future of the world matters more to the church than the future of the church, the church might actually have a future.

Lead the Change!

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