What the? The bible says in Matthew 19:5-6 Therefore a man shall leave father and mother and hold fast to his wife, and they shall become one flesh. So they are no longer two but one flesh. What therefore God has joined together, let not man separate.

1 man + 1 woman = ONE flesh.

God has designed marriage between a man and a woman to be a lifelong commitment, not a temporary one. Society’s view of marriage is that it is dependant on feelings, circumstances and options. Marriage is an incredible adventure and a wonderful blessing in my life.

Marriage does not have to be as society portrays it. It is supposed to be rewarding and it is supposed to be an example of Christ’s love for the church, His bride. Here’s three insights into marriage:

  1. Just get married – Single guys don’t tell me you are waiting for the right one. The right one is probably already in front of you. Stop hesitating over asking your girlfriend to marry you, you’ve just got commitment issues. Jump in. Don’t tell me you’re wanting to be 100% sure before you get married. You’re kidding yourself, you will never be 100% sure. Don’t spend your life wondering if there will be someone better out there with the looks of Angeline Jolie and the morals of Mother Theresa…there will always be someone out there better looking and with sounder morals…that’s not the point…Just get married…It’s a God thing!
  2. Just don’t get married –  What the? I thought you just said get married and now your saying…Yes that’s right, don’t just get married because you’ve got nothing else better to do. Marriage is not what happens on your wedding day, it’s what happens over a lifetime. Too many brides spend longer preparing for their wedding day than they do preparing for their marriage…It’s tight but it’s right. After all the gowns, food and cameras have disappeared you wake up one day next to your spouse and think what the heck have i done. Marriage is God’s idea, it’s a good idea but it also requires a complete understanding of what you are getting yourself in for. Get married but just don’t get married.
  3. Stay married – When you do get married, stay married. The benefits are both spiritual and physical. Medical Journals will tell you from a secular point of view that staying married reduces blood pressure, secures more friends in your life, keeps more money in your pocket, ensures a more satisfying sex life…From a spiritual point of view the best discipleship tool i have is my marriage. How i treat my wife is an indicator of my relationship with God…ouch! You don’t need to go to bible college or pray harder or join a monastery to become more like Christ, just get married and stay married and you’ll have enough opportunities to practice being a Christian.

Lead the Change!

4 Responses to “1+1=1…?”

  1. Yup, so very true and I needed to hear that today. Thanks.

    Oh and I can just see a whole bunch of engagement announcements on Sunday … hehehe …

  2. Ben Wallis Says:

    Hey mate,
    Great post, love the strong, definitive approach – i can see you’re gearing up for the ‘controversial’ series!
    So what people need to hear – perhaps there were a specific few you’re hoping would read these!
    cheers mate
    God bless

  3. ann broome Says:

    wise words on marriage corey,its another controversial subject in the church especially with as many divorces in the clergy as in the world,len and I are celebrating 47 years of marriage on the 3rd of march, never did I think it could be achieved,only by the grace of God in our lives, outside of that there would be no hope, I think its called commitment !!!!.

  4. Wonderful work buddy, continue the good work.

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