Everything rises & falls on leadership

Leadership points the way

Leadership points the way

In the book

of Chronicles in the bible we read over and over again the impact of leadership on the nation of Israel. The shifts and changes as each different king took the helm of leadership is too obvious not to see.

From King David to Solomon to Hezekiah and Manasseh to Amon, Josiah and Jehoiakim, how these leaders carried themselves and conducted their leadership determined the well being of the entire nation.

The same can be said for today’s global village. PM Kevin Rudd is impacting this nation differently to former PM John Howard. President Obama’s influence is already different to gormer President Bush’s influence. A nation, a company, a church, a school and a home rise and fall on the quality and capacity of the leadership over it.

How are you leading your home, ministry, company and organisation? Is the culture aligned with your vision? Are the people you’re recruiting increasing your influence or pulling you down? Are you on point with your mission or are you chasing after any opportunity that comes your way? Are you communicating and building authentic relationships or presuming and dictating commandments? How you lead means everything to your context. Lead in, lead out and everywhere in between.

Lead the Change!

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