The healthy HECTIC home!

Life can get very intense at times and it can be a real challenge to keep the most important things in life the most important things. One of our challenges is that we all have different ideas on what’s most important in our lives and what is a priority for someone else may not be a priority for you.

There are some universal priorities that are common to all of us regardless of your nationality, sub-culture or lifestyle. One of these priorities is your family. Last week I like many other people had a very tough week of issues and demands both associated with the bushfire tragedy and associated with the general running of life and ministry. I worked out that i actually put in 90hrs of work last week and i assure you this is very, very rare for me to do this.

It also raised some issues for me about my time with my family and what is most important to me. Simone and I would say that we have a healthy home but it can also be very hectic. The danger with being hectic is that it eventually undermines the health of the home long term…unless you have set up systems to make sure that your family is a priority in your everyday schedule. Too many of us love our jobs and do our family rather than do our jobs and love our family. Here are some tips on building a healthy hectic home: 

  • Be consistent in being at home at a certain time having a meal with your family and sharing the day.
  • Have 1 sabbath day off every week and spend it with your family doing s-thing they want to do.
  • If you’re going to cheat on something, cheat on work, not your family…easier said than done!
  • Take your spouse out on a date at least once per month and book it into your calendar.
  • Constantly remind your spouse you love them and they look hot!
  • Give your spouse a passionate kiss at least once everyday.
  • Show affection to your children and don’t just bark at them all the time.
  • Tell stories to your kids and make it your goal for them to remember you as the best storyteller in the world.
  • Pray everyday for your family.
  • Do the little things that make a BIG difference…attending childrens play or special ceremony or sports activity.
  • Be consistent in your testimony.

Lead the Change!

One Response to “The healthy HECTIC home!”

  1. Rach Wallace Says:

    This is so true….’Too many of us love our jobs and do our family rather than do our jobs and love our family…’
    I like your ideas and tips on investing in our families and making home life special, fresh and spontaneous. Some of our most fun times as a family have been the silliest things like jumping on the bed and tickling eachother til we nearly cry, yet I treasure these times as the best we have had.
    They really inject a freshness and joy into our family life. Little things make a big difference.
    Love this post and the reminder it brings to keep the balance

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