Mother Energy Drink – Remarkable Marketing!

Mother Energy Drink by Coca Cola

Mother Energy Drink by Coca Cola

Regardless of what you think about hi-caffeine energy drinks. The ‘Mother’ energy drink by Coca Cola is a great example of Seth Godins Purple Cow Factor for remarkable marketing. The can is bigger, the label is controversial and the label comments make you laugh. The drink doesn’t taste too bad but it makes you want to have a drink of it just to hold the can and read the comments on it.

Remarkable is visible, boring is invisible. One of the comments on the can says, “If you need a MOTHER of an energy hit, you need MOTHER. It delivers twice the kick, in a big black can. So now when a mate turns up with a wussy-sized can, you can raise your MOTHER up and proudly say, ‘did yours come with a man-bag?’.

In a week of intense pain and tragedy, it’s good to have a laugh over a MOTHER. Forget your V you wusses and pick up a can of MOTHER from your local store today!

Lead the Change!

One Response to “Mother Energy Drink – Remarkable Marketing!”

  1. Rach Wallace Says:

    Lol Corey I love your unconvential ideas! hehe

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