Increase your CAPACITY when you face CHAOS!

Wayne Cordeiro (Leader of New Hope) once said, “If you want to be a successful leader you must be willing to live with chaos.” Whether we like it or not chaos is apart of building something significant that makes a difference in people’s lives. Chaos in an organisation looks like a construction zone on a building site. Foundations are being laid, structures are being put in place and added to, resources and equipment are being developed and shipped from one area to the next and workers are busy bees making stuff happen.

When people visit the organisation that is building (especially when it’s the church) it would be easy to judge the construction zone and think that they haven’t got it all together (who has) and presume that things were going to be perfect…you presumed wrong.

Building a church, a family or a business is messy and chaotic. Leaders sift through the chaos and make sense of it while leading people through it. What chaos demands of leaders is capacity. Capacity to think, capacity to respond not react, capacity to energize, capacity to clarify, capacity to mobilise, capacity to strategize and capacity to resolve problems. Leaders don’t need to know everything but they do need to know who does know everything about the issues they are facing and include them in the construction process.

My friend Jossy Chacko offers great wisdom to leaders = tackle one issue at a time, brainstorm it, clarify it, invest energy into it, spend 1-3 days conquering it and then move to the next issue in the next box. Don’t try and respond to everything all at once, you will initiate stress upon y-self and the people around you and not be effective in any one thing.

When chaos hits your team, family, state or church don’t run away from it. Run into it and break the issues down into smaller bite size pieces and work on it and conquer it. Increase your capacity and recognize you aren’t the president of a superpower…(Unless Obama you’re reading this…if you are pleeeeeeassssse make a comment!). Keep it all in perspective.

Lead the Change!

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