Fire: Politics + Possessions + People

The recent tragedy of homes and people’s lives being destroyed by the fire’s have brought what really matters into clear focus. It’s so easy to philosophize about the love of Jesus but it’s another thing to put that love into action. It’s so easy for politicians to sit around debating political perspectives but when crisis hits it requires real leaders to stand up and do something. It’s so easy to value our lives by the amount of possessions we have until those possessions are taken away from us and now we have to re-evaluate our meaning & purpose in a different light.

It’s been refreshing to hear on the news politicians praying in parliament for the families that have suffered from this tragedy. It’s been sobering to hear people acknowledge that although they have lost their houses, they still have each other and it’s been encouraging to see that our community spirit is rekindled for everyday people who need our help.

I am filled with holy admiration for the Activate community as on Sunday we raised over $3000 for the victims of the fires, our office meeting room is packed with boxes of clothes to give to families who don’t have any and we have become a central headquarters for Chaplaincy Australia to set up their operations for the pastoral care of people in need. I’m not trying to impress you, just trying to impress upon you that it’s one thing to talk about being Jesus hands and feet, it’s another thing to actually live it out.

What has happened to people’s houses, livelihoods and families is a tragedy but in the midst of it all, when the church is present to care, encourage and support, Jesus is right there in the middle of the ashes reminding people, “I’m still here and i love you and even though i didn’t author this, i am here to love and perfect you in spite of this.” Psalm 30:5 says, Weeping may endure for a night but joy comes in the morning.

Lead the Change!

3 Responses to “Fire: Politics + Possessions + People”

  1. So what are you saying here? .. that the Church is the saviour in this dire time of need and that the politicians governing Australia are sitting by idle, spending their time theorizing about the situation instead of displaying real leadership? I’ll tell you who the real saviours are .. the Red Cross, the CFA, the Australian Army and the teams of individuals both organised and seperatist who are on the ground wading through the shit and ash and devestation trying to establish temporary infrastructure so families have somewhere to live. The spiritual support of the Church is vital but please don’t assign a value of true leadership to yourself, it dismisses the efforts of others and alongside advertising your monetary contribution on a publically accessable blog also contradicts your article on humility. Just do it, don’t advertise it.

  2. Heya corey – always love the thought provoking messages on your blog, but am finding this new look far from user friendly… I visit lots of blogs and this new template isn’t straightforward to navigate. The old one was heaps simpler and easier to read at a glance. Pleeease go back to the old one. Loveya H xx

  3. Ben Wallis Says:

    Hey mate,
    Great to hear and see the Activate community contibuting wherever possible to the efforts of comforting the mourning and giving material and monetory aid.
    “Dispersion’s” comments were misguided I think, I certainly didn’t pick up any tone of undermining the efforts of the essential services who have the resources and best placed to be on the ground in the effected areas.

    I would be interested in seeing what you have to say in response to the outspoken Danny from Catch the Fire. Not wanting to cause division, but wonder what your thoughts were on his comments and their appropriatness noted in this article:

    Thanks Corey –

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