Values Centered!

Culture is the most important social reality in the world and yet it can be difficult to make sense of it. Culture are the symbols, rituals and beliefs that distinguish one group from another and becomes the worldview through which people look at the world.

Every city has a unique culture and Melbourne is no exception. Although the experts tell us that we are disconnected from typical Aussie culture, we are also known as the cultural and sporting capital of Australia because of our cosmopolitan & artistic culture, our multi-culturalism with over 233 nationalities living here, our trams, cafes, restaurants, night life and huge suburban sprawl.

Nowhere is culture better seen than in church life. Churches can be one of the most culturally distinctive groups on the planet. Some churches wave flags…some churches tackle people who wave flags, some churches play organ music, other churches offer their organ as a burnt offering unto the Lord. Some churches fall down, other churches stand up, some churches have stained glass windows with bells and smells, other churches don’t have any symbolic imagery whatsoever to make it look like a church. Some churches sing hymnals and other churches write their own songs and read off massive screens…Every church has a culture and Cultural identity is more important to church life than most of the things we think are important.

All throughout the gospels Jesus proclaimed and practiced values that defined the culture of his way of life. Jesus values were counter-cultural. In Matthew 5 Jesus said, “You’ve heard it said, you shall not commit adultery but i say that anyone who looks at someone with lustful intent has already committed adultery with them in their heart.” Jesus’ values challenged the culture by promoting kingdom values which were sometimes contrary to society’s.

What made Jesus’ values so contagious is that he not only proclaimed his values but he practiced them as well. Somone once said, “The biggest cause of athiesm are Christians who acknowledge Jesus with their lips but deny him by their lifestyle.” The values we proclaim as a church need to be the values we practice as a church otherwise we’re working against ourselves and misrepresenting Christ to the world.

We need to come into agreement on the values that define our culture as Christians so that our culture compliments our vision. Here are some values that i believe is important for the wider church to embrace:

  • Build a Christ-centric culture
  • Create a leading-edge culture
  • Pursue a mission-motivated culture
  • Nurture a loving-community culture
  • Demonstrate a supernaturally-natural culture

Lead the Change!

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