The Shack!

I’ve nearly finished reading a very popular book called ‘The Shack’. I decided to have a read since many people seem to have read it and are raving about it. I find the book very engaging and helpful as William Young explores several theological themes that go right to the core of who we are as people and how we understand God.

The Shack challenges traditional theological presuppositions about the trinitarian nature of God and shows how the 3 persons in the Godhead interact with each other and with us. The book also explores the presence of God in times of pain and contradiction. I won’t give you all the details but it’s a fictional story about a father and husband named ‘Mack’. Mack goes on a journey of facing his Great Sadness (which you will have to read to discover what it is) and in the process God reveals himself to Mack and turns his perspectives upside down about who God really is and what life is really all about.

The Shack will challenge you, scare you, illuminate you and leave you wanting more of this kind of God-man. William Young has written what i believe will become a classic masterpiece for people everywhere to ponder, process and interact with ‘Papa’, ‘Elousia’ and ‘Sarayu’. Well worth the read. Happy reading!

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One Response to “The Shack!”

  1. Hey Corey, I have read the shack and got soo much out of this, I find people who have alot of questions about why and how, would get so much out of reading this book, I recommend this book at to at least 1 person a day! ! !
    Love your Blog !
    Donna 🙂

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