Transitioning from one place to another!

Today i had the privilege of connecting with a friend about transitioning from one organisation to another. It’s a touchy subject across the board but especially in church circles causing all sorts of pain and controversy if not handled well. I should know about this because i have had to make some massive transitions myself and have helped people make transitions in their organisations.

Whether you are changing jobs, changing organisations or changing churches you need to transition well if you are to hold your integrity as a person and see the best possible outcome take place for both the organisation you’re leaving and the one you are heading to. Here are my tips for you:

Assume a posture of honour for your current boss and leaders over you: Nothing will destroy your integrity quicker than backstabbing, undermining and maneouvering around your leadership. The bible is clear, “Give honour where honour is due.” Your leaders deserve respect and transperancy.

Assume a posture of confidentiality: Be upfront with your opinions with the right people. The right people are your boss and senior leaders, not your colleaugues, workmates and fellow church members. Gossip, opinions and rumors destroy your reputation and the morale of the organisation you’re apart of. Gossip breeds mistrust and you carry that with you into the next organisation.

Assume a posture of clarity: Be clear and honest about where you are at and what you are intending to do. Don’t walk in with vague ideas to your current leaders. Be clear, be to the point and be honest. Don’t emotionalise or spiritualise things but clearly outline why and what. Your boss will thank you for it and your leaders will appreciate it.

Assume a posture of empowerment: One transition is in process, seek permission to empower others to take on the responsibilities you have had up to this point. Don’t just throw your current responsibilities into someone else’s lap but make sure you take the necessary time to show people what you do, do it with them, watch them do it and give them feedback on what they’ve done.

Finally to all bosses and leaders of people who are transitioning. Don’t manipulate, control or take a shot at the person leaving…it’s immature and totally unnecessary. We all have people leave us and sometimes it hurts but we don’t own anyone and we are called to be stewards of the people entrusted to us. Don’t forget how you leave one organisation can often be repeated in the next so transition from one place to the next well.

Lead the Change!

One Response to “Transitioning from one place to another!”

  1. Corey
    Another great thought. I agree completely with your comments. Seasons in life are a very biblical thing, they crop up everywhere. Often God is not able to maximise our potential until we leave the current season behind and move onto the next. It is however a reflection of our Christian character how we chose to make that transition.

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