Create a learning community!

One of the issues i have raised recently with my team is the importance of not over-reacting when a problem arises. Problems are part and parcel of life but when you adopt a ‘learning’ orientation rather than a ‘someone else should have solved this’ orientation, you don’t react as much to problems because you realise that you are on a journey to discovering how to make things more effective and efficient.

In an organisation (like the one i lead) that is growing exponentially, problems come in all shapes and sizes because of the pace at which growth happens. As a result new systems and processes are being created and have to be created constantly to handle the new demands that you face. If everyone in your team or organisation adopted a mindset of a learner rather than an expert then a number of key things would happen:

  • Working relationships would be healthier.
  • Humility would replace ego and humility always wins out in the end.
  • Communication is far easier b/w depts.
  • Stress levels are decreased.
  • A dependance upon God’s Spirit increases because you realise you can’t do it on your own.
  • A culture of interdependance rather than independance grows.
  • Problems don’t stop the organisation they become stepping stones to your success.

Lead the Change!

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