What is the EXCEPTION?

Yesterday at Activate i preached on the mission of the church, as we launched our new series for February, ‘Build God’s House’. The mission of our church has to do with why we exist and what our purpose is. I shared how we exist to Lead the Change and the change we are called to lead people into is Jesus’ way of life!

At the end of my message i shared how we are building a church where everyone is welcome and everyone is needed…with an EXCEPTION! What the? That doesn’t sound right or politically correct. I want to share with you what the exceptions are to this and hopefully stimulate your thinking.

The 1st exception to this statement is that WOLVES in SHEEPS CLOTHING aren’t welcome at Activate Church. Wolves in sheeps clothing are the type of people the Bible describes as false teachers who pollute the gospel with their false doctrine leading the sheep of the congregation away from the true gospel of Jesus Christ. The bible is very strong on how to deal with these types of people. Why? Because these people have their own selfish agenda rather than God’s heart for His people. They are people who try to steal the hearts of the sheep away from the house by sowing lies, false teaching and manipulative rumors for their own agenda. They are people with ulterior motives separate to God’s purposes and they are not welcome at Activate. The Bible gives people like me permission to give people like this the left foot of fellowship out of the church.

The 2nd exception to this statement is PERFECT PEOPLE. There are no perfect people allowed at Activate Church. Jesus said in Luke 5:27-32 Those who are well have no need of a physician, only those who are sick. I have not come to call the righteous but sinners to repentance. Jesus was responding to the Pharisees grumbling about Jesus spending time with tax collectors and sinners and his point was that only those who recognize their need for Jesus in their lives can get the help from Jesus they need. Humility and a recognition of our spiritual brokenness is an essential requirement for us to access God’s grace and help. God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble. We must be careful not to allow our own imperfections become an excuse for unholy behaviour. We are supposed to growing more like Christ as we get closer to him whilst recognizing our dependance upon the Spirit to work in us the fruits of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, faithfulness and self control. God loves us the way we are but he loves us too much to leave us the way we are.

Everyone else is welcome and everyone else is needed. It’s all hands on deck as we lead the change by leading people into Jesus way of life. Have a great day and make sure you subscribe today to my blog and be encouraged and informed everyday with INSIGHT!

Lead the Change!

8 Responses to “What is the EXCEPTION?”

  1. Rina Williams Says:

    Corey your fathers heart is showing through now…. protecting His flock, not from other flocks but from, those that would choose to destroy it..

    You are raising up a generation of Fathers sheep that go amongst the wolves, wearing wolves clothing and bringing the news of the kingdom to the dens of those 90% who never venture into Gods house…..

    These sheep have encoded within their dna the very heart of Jesus, the authority given by Jesus and potential to walk this earth as Jesus did.

    Activate – lead the change to Jesus way of life!!

  2. Ben Fagerland Says:

    Love it Corey!!

  3. Awesome word yesterday, and this just adds to it. I gladly fit into the ‘imperfect category’. Have a great week Ps Corey!! 🙂

  4. karentiller Says:

    Well, Was an absolute PLEASURE for myself, my son and (The Lord within me! he hehe!) to visit Activate Church Sunday. Personally been praying tearfully for a church that I can walk into and “Hear Our Wonderful Gospel Preached!” at the very least.. Any how God Bless You! So, I am ever so happy that “Sheep in Wolves Clothing Arent Welcome!” I feel safe!… Maybe.. Just maybe I have found a Church place that myself (and many others I know) can call their Church.. It has been along journey.
    And well fantastic to have the Broken / imperfect welcome.. Sounds like a Jesus is VERY welcome then! As He is the Healer! I personally am VERY excited and am signing up for lots of things that I have been in research for quite some time now! God Bless You and the Team.

  5. Ry Stephen Says:

    Gold Corey.. Gold! ha ha was lookin forward to it.. Blessings, Ry

  6. Love the exceptions Corey! Thanks for such an awesome word on the weekend.

  7. gail zammit Says:

    perfect no not me..but I am being shaped moulded and im definatly in the potters hands.thats was a fantastic message corey im behind you. i loved it when you said you didnt want your book just at word..but at angus and robertson..i love your thinking..your not small minded.your inspiration to me personally is something i treasure. i always come home feeling challenged. yeah and as for sheep in wolves clothing i say yes to that.if i hear anything ill certainly stomp on any lies.. im behind you.

  8. Spot on Corey! The sooner the church recognises this the quicker the growth will be…Praise God for you because you actually hear the voice of God and aren’t affraid to cough up some heavy revy.

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