Day 7 Highlights!



leaving for school

leaving for school

Here we are at the end of Day 7 and at the end of our one week journey together. I had several highlights today. The major one was that my 5 year old daughter Chelsea attended her first day of school at Kalinda Primary School. As you can see in the photos the Turner clan were all excited and Chelsea looked adorable in her school uniform.

I had the privilege of accompanying her at 9.30am as she walked through the front doors of her classrooom to begin her education journey. Every child’s parents and even grandparents were there and it was fascinating to watch proud and sometimes teary mum’s and dad’s interact with their kids.

Chelsea settled in after a few minutes and headed straight for the computer in the middle of the room, asking her mum to turn it on for her, only to discover her first lesson as a preppy. Simone instructed Chelsea that she wasn’t going to be able to be there to help her during the day so she needed to ask the teacher for help. Ahhh the journey of responsibility and personal initiative begins on her first day of school. I was so proud of Chelsea as she walked straight up to the teacher and asked for help politely and was rewarded with not only being able to play on the computer but starting a trend with a small group of students following suit…You little leader you…i wonder where you get that from?

After we said our goodbyes and walked away from the classroom, things already felt different. One phase of our life as parents of Chelsea were ending and another one was beginning. There were no tears, just joy and reflection as we thanked God that he had entrusted a beautiful gift like Chelsea to us.

I was reminded today that i don’t own my kids, I’ve just been entrusted with the responsibility to love them with everything within me, as well as teach and lead them and love them a little bit more because our kids are precious gifts from heaven on loan for a while. Treasure your loved ones, they grow so quickly and one day they’ll be off leading their own lives…maybe yours already are!

It’s been great to journey with you and i look forward to connecting with you tomorrow as we embark on a new season of thought provoking and hopefully spiritually compelling insight.

Lead the Change!

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