1 week with Corey – Day 7

Today is day 7 and the last day of our 1 week journey together. I hope you’ve found it interesting and informative about what a normal week looks like in my life as a senior pastor. Today is Monday and here is what the day holds for me.

I was up at 5.30am and blogging on the EXCEPTION that i talked about yesterday at Activate. I got ready and then was at the office by 6.30am for our first prayer meeting for Project 1000 (praying for 1000 people to come to know Christ).

At 7.30 i was in my office studying the word, reading books and listening to podcasts. I normally attend a staff prayer meeting from 9am till 10am on a Monday but at 9.15 i was back at home picking up Chelsea to take her to her first day of school at 9.30am (it is a significant day for her and our family). By 10am i was back at the office and prepping for the day. At 10.30am i had our weekly planning meeting which lasts for 1.5hrs with my executive assistant and operations pastor. In this meeting we discuss monthly appointments, ideas, upcoming events and key issues to follow up.

At 12pm i have some lunch and then it’s back studying for Sunday’s sermon for another couple of hrs. If i don’t start on Monday then i am behind for the events planning meeting on Tuesday where we creatively brainstorm for the coming weeks of messages. At 2.30pm I prepare a small training session for our staff meeting 9am on Tuesday. At 3.30pm i am looking over the starting point and DNA manuals for this coming Sunday’s courses and making any adjustments.

5pm quickly rolls around and Simone picks me up from the office…(I’m still waiting for my new car, later in the week)…and we head home. The evening is full of hearing stories about Chelsea’s first day at school, having dinner with the fam and wrestling with the boys. At 7.30pm the kids are in bed. I then head out to the garage to workout and run on my treadmill.

At about 8.45pm i am back inside chilling out with Simone, maybe reading a book and reflecting on the day. I may hop onto the computer to write some more of my new book Supernatural. At about 10.30pm it’s time for the days highlights and sleep.

Lead the Change!

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