1 week with Corey – Day 6

Sunday is here and we have a full day of ministry, meeting new people, preaching about our mission as a church and seeing God transform people’s lives. The day outworks as follows:

At 6am i was up praying, reading and going through my notes for my sermon. At 8am i was getting myself and the kids ready and by 9am we were all out the door driving to our first briefing for the day at 9.20am. At 9.30am we head into our first prayer service for the day. At 9.50am i am meeting people, shaking hands and asking people about their week.

From 10am till 11.30am we have our morning service. I am launching a new series called Build God’s House. Today i am preaching on being motivated by Jesus mission. I am praying that Activate will catch the passion of pursuing the cause of Jesus Christ – restoring lost people into relationship with God.

From 11.30am to 12.30pm i am meeting new people in the guest lounge, praying with people and hearing people’s stories. I love this time in the day because people are wonderful and it’s fascinating to hear about people’s lives and it’s a privilege to speak into people’s journey with God.

By 1pm I am looking for some food with my family and i spent the next hour just hanging out with my fam. We head down to the Yarra River at Warrandyte for some food at the bakery and then i jump into the Yarra with the kids. The kids were freaking out but pretty soon they get comfortable with the water.  

At 3pm i head into the study to write some more of my new book Supernatural. At 5pm we are back out the door for the 5.20pm briefing, the 5.30pm prayer meeting and the 6pm service. God will be glorified, lives will be transformed and people will be motivated for the mission of Jesus…I love this life!

At about 9pm I get home and enjoy one of my favourite times of the week. I love Sunday night’s because i get to chill out with friends, family and staff and reflect on the massive week that has gone before, especially the services on Sunday. At about 11pm it’s time to update the days highlights and then crawl into bed and get some rest before i embark on a brand new week…and get ready to do it all over again. Awesome…What will God do this week?

Lead the Change!

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