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6 ways God shapes your heart!

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work of heart

work of heart

How do we recognize God’s shaping work in our lives? Here are the top 6 ways God shapes our hearts:

  1. Culture: God uses the affirming and opposing forces of culture to form, confront and challenge our hearts to connect with culture. God wants you to know where you come from, where you stand and where you want to go to take others with you.
  2. Call: God uses call (figuring out why you are here) to shape your heart. What have you been called to do? Have you seen the relevant gifts for this assignment grow with your call? What has God anointed in your life? When do you feel most alive? How is your call being expressed in what you are doing?
  3. Community: God uses your family of origin, your current family, friendships and faith community to shape your heart. Are you isolated from people or building a mosaic of relationships with people who are positively shaping your life and ministry?
  4. Communion: God uses our time with him to shape our hearts. Do you have regular dates with God?When God thinks about you, what expression comes over his face (Your view of God is affected by your answer)? How do you keep God on your heart throughout the day? What can you do to improve your communion with God?
  5. Conflict: Whether we like it or not conflict is a necessary part of having our heart shaped for without resistance, we don’t grow. How did your family of origin handle conflict? What happened during your most recent conflict and how did you handle it? How can you positively approach conflict, it’s unavoidable?
  6. Commonplace: God uses the ordinary to shape our hearts. Life changes when you discover that the ordinary is absolutely extraordinary. Do you look for God in the mundane or are you caught up in looking for him in the spectacular? Do you view circumstances as interupptions or learning opportunities?

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Surge in societal spirituality!

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shopping centre spirituality

shopping centre spirituality

We are living in a culture where spirituality is a hot topic but many people don’t connect spirituality with the church because we are seen to be outdated and outmoded in our approach to spirituality. I am reading a book currently titled A Work of Heart by Reggie McNeal…fascinating read.

Let me share with you some of his thoughts on spirituality, culture and the church:

“Only when something goes on in church that can be explained as a God-thing will a spiritually fascinated culture pause to take notice. Otherwise, those outside the church culture are not impressed with building programs and real estate acquisitions. What church culture people see as evidence of success matters little to pre-Christians.”

Reggie continues:

“Today’s church service had better God up front, centre stage, and in a hurry, or pre-Christians will not take the church seriously as a source of spiritual help. This shift reflects how swiftly this move toward heightened spirituality in our culture has occurred…Pre-Christians are looking for God, not for a successful church.”

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Jesus is HOT, the church is NOT!

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2552357124_a0bf3647671Currently in our society, Jesus is far more popular than the church is. The popular Time magazine will always have Jesus on the front cover annually, at least on Easter and Christmas. Business authors write about Jesus leadership and management practices. Bands and musicians write and sing songs about Jesus and his role in the earth.

But get these same people to talk about the church in such glowing light and it’s another story. The church in current culture is approached with skepticism and judgment because there is presumed in our society a big gap between who Jesus is and what the church is.

As a Christ-follower I am passionate about closing the gap between the church and Jesus because the church is called to represent who Jesus is, not offer up a distorted picture of who he is. My thoughts, words, actions and relationships communicate to the world around me what i believe and more importantly who i believe in.

The church has as much a  pivotal role to play in society today as it did in the past. What is required of the church is for the leaders within it to shape and mold their congregations to grow in Christ-like character and to demonstrate Christ’s works in the world. Easy said, tough to accomplish.

The gap has to be closed because the future of the world depends upon it and until the future of the world matters more to the church than the future of the church, the church might actually have a future.

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The only thing that can stop you!

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Alot of us journey through life feeling inadequate, not talented enough, not intelligent enough, not popular enough, not rich enough and not pretty enough but these are all lies, a smokescreen to distract you from what God thinks about you.

The bible says, “If God be for you, who can be against you?” If the devil can’t stop you or people around you can’t stop you then what is the only thing that can stop you from fulfilling your destiny in life? Let’s look to King David for the answer.

In 1 Samuel 16 David was a teenager. He was the youngest, smallest and most forgotten of his brothers but David had something his other brothers didn’t have. He had a heart after God.

Contrast David with Saul and you discover that Saul was head & shoulders above other people. He came from good heritage and was a trained warrior yet God rejected Saul because Saul had something wrong in his heart. His heart was disobedient, bitter, jealous and afraid.

The only thing that can stop you is your HEART! Lack of talent can’t stop you, nor lack of connections, the devil can’t stop you, nor people’s comments about you. The only thing that can stop you is your heart. God says to Samuel in v7 “Do not look at his appearance or on the height of his stature because i have rejected him for the Lord sees not as man sees: man looks on the outward appearance but the Lord looks on the heart.”

In the natural your heart is the epicentre of your body. The same goes for your heart in the spirit realm. Proverbs 4:23 says “Guard your heart for out of it flow the springs (issues) of life.” Your heart is the true measure of your potential. Guard it, nurture it, allow God to shape it and literally nothing will stop you from fulfilling your destiny.

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What the? The bible says in Matthew 19:5-6 Therefore a man shall leave father and mother and hold fast to his wife, and they shall become one flesh. So they are no longer two but one flesh. What therefore God has joined together, let not man separate.

1 man + 1 woman = ONE flesh.

God has designed marriage between a man and a woman to be a lifelong commitment, not a temporary one. Society’s view of marriage is that it is dependant on feelings, circumstances and options. Marriage is an incredible adventure and a wonderful blessing in my life.

Marriage does not have to be as society portrays it. It is supposed to be rewarding and it is supposed to be an example of Christ’s love for the church, His bride. Here’s three insights into marriage:

  1. Just get married – Single guys don’t tell me you are waiting for the right one. The right one is probably already in front of you. Stop hesitating over asking your girlfriend to marry you, you’ve just got commitment issues. Jump in. Don’t tell me you’re wanting to be 100% sure before you get married. You’re kidding yourself, you will never be 100% sure. Don’t spend your life wondering if there will be someone better out there with the looks of Angeline Jolie and the morals of Mother Theresa…there will always be someone out there better looking and with sounder morals…that’s not the point…Just get married…It’s a God thing!
  2. Just don’t get married –  What the? I thought you just said get married and now your saying…Yes that’s right, don’t just get married because you’ve got nothing else better to do. Marriage is not what happens on your wedding day, it’s what happens over a lifetime. Too many brides spend longer preparing for their wedding day than they do preparing for their marriage…It’s tight but it’s right. After all the gowns, food and cameras have disappeared you wake up one day next to your spouse and think what the heck have i done. Marriage is God’s idea, it’s a good idea but it also requires a complete understanding of what you are getting yourself in for. Get married but just don’t get married.
  3. Stay married – When you do get married, stay married. The benefits are both spiritual and physical. Medical Journals will tell you from a secular point of view that staying married reduces blood pressure, secures more friends in your life, keeps more money in your pocket, ensures a more satisfying sex life…From a spiritual point of view the best discipleship tool i have is my marriage. How i treat my wife is an indicator of my relationship with God…ouch! You don’t need to go to bible college or pray harder or join a monastery to become more like Christ, just get married and stay married and you’ll have enough opportunities to practice being a Christian.

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Hot Chicks

Hot Chicks

We are living in a society that has many distorted ideas about what is truly beautiful. Guys place lot’s of pressure on their partners to have the right look rather than valuing them for who they are. There is nothing wrong with looking hot or buff but if you are valuing yourself or others for their vanity then you are misprioritising your value.

Your identity ultimately comes from who you are internally rather than externally. Society says you are beautiful when you have the right look and image but you are truly beatyFULL when you are living from the source of a growing and healthy relationship with God.

We have all been made in the image of God and from God’s perspective we are all incredibly beautiful and significant but our beauty will not be fully realised until we are FULL of Jesus Christ.

Proverbs 31:30 says, “Charm is deceitful, and beauty is vain, but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised.”

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When Success becomes Failure!

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Lance Armstrong

Lance Armstrong

Champion cyclist Lance Armstrong is my favourite athlete because of the challenges he has personally overcome including brain and testicular cancer preceding 7 tour de france victories. He retired a few years back and has recently resumed his career here in Australia during the annual tour down under in South Australia.

I have read several books, articles and viewed several documentaries on Lance’s career. Those who have followed Lance’s career would be impressed with his determination and work ethic but one of the unfortunate elements of lance’s personal life has been the multiple partners he has had over the years.

One of the fascinating observations I have had of humanity is that we can excel in one area of life and yet be an absolute failure in another area of our live’s. A great example of this phenomena in the bible is King David. On the battlefield he was a legend but when it came to his home life he failed to lead his family and father his kids in the way that was required of him.

Don’t be a success in one area of your life and yet be an absolute failure in other area’s of your life, especially with your relationship with God and your family. Neither expect perfection across every area of your life but seek to build consistency into the most important areas of your life. Excel in your career and your finances but don’t neglect other important areas of your life. This world may reward you for being successful in one area of your life but God rewards us for how we have lived our whole lives.

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