1 week with Corey – Day 4

Today is Friday and it’s my rest day so i’m going to enjoy it with my family as we try to get away from the heat wave. I have the leaders Summit tonight so that will cut the day a little short for my weekly Sabbath rest.

This is what my day looks like today:

I was up at 6am again and i finished reading my 8th book for the year titled, ‘Preaching to a post-modern world’. My goal is to read 100 books this year. I also blogged, prayed, read the word and listened to a podcast.

At about 9am i have breakfast with the fam and then we are off to pick up Chelsea’s new school uniform and books for her first day at Primary school on Monday morning…this is going to be massive for our family as our first child begins school life.

After Chelsea’s shopping we could do several things from a little bit of shopping to ace space kids playland to veging out together at home. We will head out to lunch together as a fam at about 12midday and then back home by 2.30pm for the kids to have their daily nap and quiet time. I will spend the afternoon with Sim or catching up on some errands around the house.

We will spend the afternoon mostly at home trying to stay out of the heat and then we will have dinner and get ready to be at the Leaders Summit for Ps Russell Evans from Planet Shakers. It will be a fantastic night that starts at 7.30pm. I will get there at 6.45pm to print off my notes, brief and pray with the team and  off we go. Hopefully we will see you there at 7.30pm at Activate Church offices L1, 20 Melbourne St Mall, Ringwood.

After sharing supper with Russell in my office i will head home at about 10pm for a big day of teaching tommorow. By 10.30pm i am updating my highlights for the day and then into bed catching some zzz’s and having sermon notes buzzing around in my head. 

I like to keep my rest days pretty flexible and open to anything we feel like doing, however when rare things like leaders summits are on, you gotta do what you gotta do. Connect back for some more highlights tonight.

Lead the Change!

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