1 week with Corey – Day 3

Well we are 3 days into our journey together. If you have just joined us, we are journeying together as i share each day what it’s like to live a week with me as a pastor, husband, father and friend. Today is Thursday and generally Thursday is a day where i schedule appointments with people, pastorally counsel people and build my relational network. This is a sample of my day’s activities today:

I was up again at 6am reading, listening to podcasts, blogging and having my devotions. I was out the door at 8.45am for my first appointment at 9am at Coffee Club, Knox city (The pastors den…you should see how many pastors turn up there) to connect with another pastor who i meet monthly for accountability and encouragement.

On my way back to the office i stopped by Borders to do some research on a new series coming up in March called ‘CONTROVERSY’. At 11am i was back in the office finishing off my notes for the leaders summit. At 12pm i met up with someone from ‘Family Voice’At 1pm i connect with a staff member over lunch for some more mentoring and at 2pm i’m back out again meeting someone from David McCracken Ministries.

At 3.30pm i am back in the office checking e-mails, following up phone calls and getting things ready for the leaders summit and Sunday services because i have a day off 2moro…there’s always something that comes up Thursday arvo. At 5.15pm i am working out and running on my treadmill for 40mins and then it’s time for dinner with the family.

At 7.30pm the kids are in bed and after some chill out time with Sim at about 9pm i head back into the study to write some more of my soon to be released ‘Super+natural’ book. At 10.30pm it’s time for some more blog highlights and zzzz’s.

Lead the Change!

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