One week with Corey – Day 2

Welcome to day 2 (Wednesday) of our one week journey together. Recovering from a big day yesterday, I had the chance to sleep in a little. Up at 6am and into my normal routine of blogging, reading and devotions. I grew up training for athletics every morning and so over the last 9 years of ministry I’ve replaced my athletics training with spiritual training. This is one of the most important parts of my day and i really covet this time with God.

At 8.30 it’s time to get ready and I’m out the door by 9am and into the church office. Wednesday is sermon preparation day. Because i have several sermons and leadership sessions to prepare for over the weekend i will need to work hard and complete 2-3 sessions today.

I will spend the morning finishing off Sunday’s message on our new series, “Build God’s House” which i started on Monday and by 12midday i am checking e-mails and making phone calls. At 12.30pm i eat lunch while i’m working on my second sermon for the leaders summit. This session is not as involved as my normal preparation and by 3pm i am finished session 2. I recheck emails and make phone calls for 20mins and then by 3.30pm i am into session 3 prep which i won’t finish until later tonight. I am out of the office by 4.50pm

At 5pm i am at home and out running with Chris Dickson for 40mins….it’s really hot…41degrees. At 6pm it’s time for dinner with the family and hang out time until 7.30pm when the kids have bed time. I catch up on the day with Sim for an hour and at 8.30 i spend 2 hrs finishing off my 3rd session for the weekend and by 10.30pm i am ready for another break , blog updates and more zzz’s. I don’t generally work on a Wednesday night but with so many engagements over the weekend, i’ve got to put in the hard yards to keep away from the stress line.

So there you have it for wacky Wednesday. See you tonight where I will update my highlights for the day…Who knows what God has in store for you and me today regardless of what we have planned?

Lead the Change!

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