One week with Corey – Day 1

Many people often ask me what do i do during the day in my work as a senior pastor? Well i decided to blog a typical week in my life and I will be as transperant as i can whilst recognizing the limitations of not being able to go into exhaustive detail in a blog format. I will give you bite size chunks each day of what happens. I will neither romance the day up or dumb it down to try and appeal to you…I will blog it as it is.

I will begin each day with a blog of what is planned and i will finish each day with a blog of the days highlights. So here we go and i hope it’s interesting and inspiring for you in your own life and work setting.

Tuesday 27th Jan. The day began at 5.15am for me as i got ready for the day and spent some time reading a book called “Preaching to a Postmodern world”. I was at our first morning prayer meeting for the year at 6.30am at the church office. From 7.30am-8.45am i was in my office blogging, reading the bible and listening to a podcast.

At 9am i participated in our morning staff meeting for an hour. In the staff meeting we pray together, share encouraging stories and testimonies and then I generally teach the team something inspiring for the week but today Adrian Turner (associate pastor) is sharing with us all. This is followed by morning tea.

At 10.30am for 2 hrs we have the executive team meeting where we discuss the big picture strategic issues for the church including goals, staffing, major operational issues, etc. This is followed by lunch at 12.30pm where i connect with a staff member and mentor them in their life and ministry for 1 hr. 

From 1.30-2pm i am back in the office and checking emails and making phone calls folowing up people. At 2pm i participate in the creative component of our event planning meeting for 1hr. This is where i share with the event team what i am preaching about on the coming sundays and then we all brainstorm together how to creatively communicate the message in a compelling way.

From 3pm-4.30pm I generally meet with our strategist, David Cheah who is truly gifted as a mastermind and helps me process my thoughts into actionable reality. We generally spend our time exploring and processing what needs to happen from a strategic perspective and and how to bring it about. This is one of the most imnportant meetings i have all week.

From 4.30pm-5pm all of the ministry team meets together for arvo tea and catch up on life and ministry. It’s important for the team to hang out together and spend some time causing raucus. Silly stuff generally happens at about this time in the afternoon.

This is followed by a ministry team meeting from 5pm-6pm where we do 1 of 3 things. We either discuss relevant issues and upcoming events or we have someone come in and train us or we discuss our goals and where our departments are at. This is the bread and butter meeting for all the ministry leaders. 

At about 6.15pm i am on my way home for dinner and family time. I relish this part of the day and can’t wait to see my kids and incredible wife Simone. Generally Simone is with me in the office all day on a Tuesday but today is at home with the kids until the creche starts in Feb for a new year.

At 7.30pm i have another meeting with the Board of Management in my house. This is our first meeting for the year and we only have 3 of these meetings per year or as otherwise needed. This lasts for 1.5hrs and by 9pm rolls around, i’m starting to wilter a little and i look forward to some chill time with Sim and the quietness of the house.

Before i go to bed, highlights are updated on my blog and i might have a casual read for 20mins or so and then it’s time to catch some zzzzz’s at about 10.30pm. Welcome to tantalising Tuesday. It’s a big staff day and very constant.

Lead the Change!

2 Responses to “One week with Corey – Day 1”

  1. Just reading it makes me feel tired! 🙂 That IS a busy Tuesday. We appreciate and love ya heaps Corey & Sim. We are all working towards something bigger … God is good. xoxo

  2. Gee Corey you don’t do much in your day do you????
    I am exhausted just reading this!
    You and Simone are amazing Senior Pastors, we love you lots xx

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