Time to Re-Create!

I have just completed a busy weekend of ministry and I’m spent…I have felt fatigued and groggy all day. I’m sure you have had similar symptoms in your own body from time to time (some might say, “like everyday”). What do you do to re-create your soul, spirit and body? Here are some tips:

To recreate my soul (mind emotions & will) i like to spend unrushed time reading a book that stimulates my thinking or I like to veg out in front of a great movie and get lost in another world. I also like to listen to my iPod and hear a great communicator fill my soul back up. I find that i need time and space from people when my soul is depleted. When my soul is filled back up I am ready to engage with people again.

To recreate my spirit (heart) i like to read the bible and meditate upon God’s ideas for living. I find that no matter how i feel, when i open up God’s word and start to read, inspiration fills my spirit to the brim. I also like to pray. Not with all the theological words but straight from my heart, as if God and I are sitting together in the same room (cause we are).

To recreate my body i like to sleep. I don’t sleep enough most days so when i start to see the symptoms of negative thinking, lack of communication with my wife & impatience with everything and everyone around me…it’s time to go to bed. I also like to run outside or on my treadmill for about 30mins and then i do some basic strength exercises for 30mins to keep my muscles moving.

The key is to find what works for you and build it into your weekly routine. If you don’t you are not going to have the margin you need to keep away from the stress line of life. Happy re-creating.

Lead the Change!

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