I have been following the latest updates on Barak Obama’s inaugaration as Presidente USA! I am fascinated by Obama’s leadership strategy in winning the presidency but i am equally fascinated by people’s response to him both in America and all over the world.

Some of the responses from journalists and the general populace give me the feeling like we are back in the glory days of the Roman Empire as the emporer rode through the streets on his ‘beast’ of a chariot. There’s no doubt that Americans wanted change, needed change and have now got it but this whole event highlights the desperate need the world has for true superhero’s to rescue us all from global sicknesses.

People are searching for answers and for leaders who will not only give us those answers but know how to bring them into reality. There has never been a better time for the church to rise up and provide the leadership that the world needs…but does it want leadership from us and are we even prepared to give the world what it needs to hear.

Unfortunately preaching in our pulpits every Sunday isn’t going to cut it completely or get the job done, there needs to be accompanying strategic action taken to not only communicate the gospel virally but allow Christ to be so formed in us that we become epidemic carriers of God’s love, power & truth everywhere we go.

How long will Obama’s honeymoon last? The records of history show not very long (for more insight into this check out mark sayers.wordpress.com). However, we can take a leaf out of the first lady’s book when she said, “being the first lady gives me a great platform to bring about change”.

Let me let you in on a little secretthe world doesn’t get changed ‘only’ from the top down but from the ground up as well…History records that the greatest positive change the world has ever seen started at the grass roots. 2000 years ago Jesus was born in a stable far away from the palaces of the kingdoms of this world but from this humble beginning redfined the entire record of history itself.

If you’re a follower of Christ, the same spirit that raised Jesus from the dead is alive in you. You have all the platform you need to begin to initiate change in your own life, your work environment and in your relationships because this is where change begins. Get God’s vision for change, get contagious about it and get moving on it and one day people will be looking at you saying, “Gee, they’ve got a great platform to change things in the world”.

Lead the Change!

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