Get out of the BUBBLE!

Recently I’ve been challenging myself to get into environments that i am not familiar with and meet people i wouldn’t normally connect with. Last night I had the opportunity to visit the Avalon Speedway with Mark Bateman from Chaplaincy Australia (mark is well known in motor racing circles for his fantastic ministry and heart for rev heads…i mean people).

WOW, what an experience. Petrol heads and sprint car enthusiasts are certainly a breed of their own. Most people i saw were very focused on the car racing, as well as wearing all the paraphenalia of a sprint car fan. They have their own culture, lingo and community…and once again the church can learn alot off these neotribes that are embracing a way of life unique to them.

I had the privilige of meeting Paul who has been push driving the sprint cars (I’m up with the lingo) for 9 years and Laura who was 14 years old and had never missed a race meet since she was 1 year old. She talked about her parents splitting up and what life was like growing up around the race track and all of a sudden i found myself out of my own bubble and in a new world that although was completely foreign to me, actually was a wonderful experience…because it was real.

The sounds, the smell of petrol, the dirt flying everywhere and knocking some guy in the stands out (true story), the conversations, the clothing, the cigarettes, the cars and the culture was a wild and refreshing experience because it reminded me once again that there are so many people out in the world who are living their virtual reality life and the only way we’re ever going to reach them is by bursting our bubbles and stepping into their world.

When was the last time you burst your bubble and got out amongst people you didn’t know and probably don’t want to know but you did it anyway because it’s good for you. You never know, you might actually enjoy it and become a petrol head…mmm…maybe not! Thanks Mark for this experience.

Lead the Change!

One Response to “Get out of the BUBBLE!”

  1. Love this Corey… refreshing, inspiring… there’s nothing better than meeting real people. Love it – thanks for sharing!

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