How do you handle pressure?

It doesn’t take much insight to figure out that many people are stressed out and over burdened by pressure. What does require insight is how you respond to the demands that pressure places upon you.

I have just recently come back to work from the Christmas break and slammed into a wall of pressure. Deadlines, projects, decisions, budgets, book writing, speaking enagements and people demands come at you from all angles and you feel like you are going to implode but you can’t because that wouldn’t be professional or helpful for yourself or anyone else…so what do you do?

You sit back in your chair, take a deep breathe,  sip on a pina colada and enter into your happy space…(i don’t know anyone who does this). My default response to pressureis to internalise and shut down (this is a common trait amongst males), and if that doesn’t work, outbursts of anger to try and control the situation comes next but I’ve learnt that this doesn’t help me, the situation or anyone else either.

So what do i do? To be honest with you, there are multiple things i do because there is not one answer to overcoming pressure but the first thing i do…is to be still…and know…that i am not the messiah…but Jesus is. I am not responsible for everything but i am responsible for some things. The thing to do under pressure is to redefine what those ‘some things’ are and focus yourself only on those priorities and either cut off or delegate everything else.

The next thing i do is  intentionally invest chunks of time on completing those top tasks and priorities before me. this requires me to minimise distraction so i can concentrate with all my energy on knocking off the priorities before me. Sometimes i will get away from the office or get up early when no-one else is awake and have space from the world around me. I can’t give out if i am not receiving for personally. You can only draw out of the well what you’ve put inside of it.

Remember, our tendency under pressure is to blame people around us but often it’s rarely anyone else’s fault that you are under pressure. It’s either the system you are working in or the paradigm you are operating under. The right pressure is good for you, the wrong pressure could kill you. How do you know the difference? Good question, I’m still on the journey to figure that out.

If the Son of God who defined history by himself accomplished all that he did in only 3 years of ministry, then surely we need to take a leaf out of his book and rediscover His rhythms of grace that enabled him to only ever do that which he saw his Father doing!

Lead the Change!

3 Responses to “How do you handle pressure?”

  1. very timely corey thanks for the encouragement …

  2. Hey Bro,

    Wow….. Great word, Loved it… If you could do this thing in your own strength He would not have pick you……! He’s pick us because we are incapable of doing the very thing he has called us to do, but is not by might, nor by power but by His spirit…!!! If I continually look at myself I find I burden myself with weight and pressure because I can never nor will I ever be able to complete the task given to me…. But when I look to God he is able to complete the task through me…. Love Ya,

    You’re Amazing…. !!!

  3. That last point you make really gets me. Love it. Crikey – billions of followers after three years of ministry. Spirit led is better than self led by about a billion times!

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