The Age of Uncertainty!

I have recently finished reading a provocative book called, “The Visionary’s Handbook”. In this book the authors Wacker and Taylor describe our current era of humanity as the age of uncertainty and they offer some insightful thoughts into the dominant ‘microissues’ we are facing in our world today.

There are 17 microissues or defining points in this age of uncertainty according to the authors and i will list them below. I will add my own thoughts in brackets next to each issue:

  • Philosophy: Absorption of paradox (Life is full of contradictions and those who absorb the paradox quickly win)
  • Mission: Omnireality (Our virtual reality is more real than our actual day to day reality)
  • Preoccupation: Immortality (Plastic surgery, diets, personal trainers, medicine, spa retreats, the afterlife)
  • Work: Spiritual (Our work has become more of a spiritual way of life than a service you perform)
  • Ritual: Singularity & uniqueness (We want to stand out and yet not be seen as fanatical)
  • Travel: Media (Forget the concord now you can travel anywhere you want on the internet)
  • Weapons: Surgical (Technology has changed the way we even fight each other these days)
  • Status symbol: Events (We’ve made it if we’re apart of the events that everyone is talking about) 
  • Defining activity: Dreaming (Chase your dreams for in them you will be defined)
  • Recreation: Being (We want to be and feel it)
  • Membership: Neotribes (Sub-cultures distinguish people from each other more than ever before)
  • Physical structure: Theme Park (Be it cities, shopping centres or your home we all want a theme park)
  • Dominant resource: Intellectual property (Knowledge workers arise)
  • Dominant person: Storyteller (No wonder movies are so popular in our culture)
  • Learning: Probability (All things are possible in this age of no limitations)
  • Intelligence: Intuition (People are relying upon their own intel to make life decisions)
  • Visionary: Futurists (The new prophets of our time)

Lead the Change!

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