Care to confront!

Recently i had to confront some issues in my leadership team and it is always challenging when you care so much for the people you lead. I have learnt alot about confrontation over the years because in the past i didn’t handle it as well as I should have.

I believe it takes incredible leadership maturity to confront people in a way that affirms them but at the same time communicates that what they just did sucked!

One of the things i attempt to do is to sandwich the critique with positive appreciation for who they are and what they contribute. If people feel valued and loved they are much more open to receive input into how they can improve in a certain area of their work.

When i do confront the issue, it’s important to clarify the what, the why and the how. What is the issue? Why does it need to be confronted? (Alot of people miss this but most people just want to know why so they understand) and How do we resolve it? 

Don’t be fuzzy or beat around the bush. Get straight to the point and don’t be afraid to let them know your frustration with the issue.

Keep in mind that most stuff ups are system issues rather than individual’s purposely trying to make life difficult for you. Check your system before you blame someone.

Remember there’s more than one person to hold accountable. Generally the whole team has slackened and needs to be held accountable but if it is a single individual that is responsible don’t hold the entire team to ransom for one person’s mistake.

Speak the truth in love. People can receive harsh truth if it comes from a heart motivated by love for them. The way you say something really does matter and i have learnt this through making many mistakes in how i have gone about this in the past.

Confrontation is not easy but it is necesary if you want to excel and achieve your vision as an organisation.

Lead the Change!

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