Increase your mental bandwith!

Everytime you acquire more responsibility in your workplace, family, relationships or possessions you need an increase in your “mental bandwith” to be able to process large amounts of information quickly and handle mutliple tasks at once.

Leadership is about building capacity or “bandwith”. The following areas require your constant attention:

Personal work habits: Calendar, schedule and follow up with your team.

Personal mood & stress management: Do whatever it takes to minimise the negative consequences of your stress spreading throughout the organisation.

Your leadership systems: Systems need to be updated everytime you increase your growth numerically, financially or personell wise. This includes budget, human resources, IT and operations.

Your vision & strategy: Needs to be constantly clarified and strategised for a new context.

Your relationships with team members: The most effective way to implement your vision is by building solid relationships with your team.

Your relationships with your peers: Sharpen each other laterally and learn about what is working in related fields.

Your relationship with your boss/leader: This is crucial to your success as an initiator within the organisation you’re apart of.

Most of all strengthen your support systems because you cannot make it without the right people around you and supporting you. Delegate more, focus more on what you do best and don’t neglect the important details. It’s the details that will make you or break you.

Lead the Change!

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