What Church is and is not!

I have recently finished reading Rob Bell’s new book, “Jesus wants to save Christians”.

He provoked my thinking when he writes, “When the goal of a church is to get people into church services and then teach them how to invite people to come to church services, so that they in turn will bring others to more church services – that’s attendance at church services. And church is not ultimately about attending large gatherings. Church is people. People who live a certain way in the world.”

Great thought. Some church leaders must get beyond the idea that size equals influence. In Seth Godin’s book, “small is the new big” he builds a convincing case for how smaller organisations can exert more influence than larger ones because they aren’t restricted by the same rules that larger organisations, by their mere size, are limited by.

The church is to have influence in the world  but that influence in the culture doesn’t come from “how right, cool or loud it is, or even how convinced of it’s doctrinal superiority” it is. Our influence comes from being broken open and poured out so that the world will be healed and transformed.

Church numbers are a by-product of keeping first things first. When the church is on mission and seeking to lead people into Jesus way of life, the testimony of the early church in the Book of Acts…”and the Lord added to their number daily those who were being saved”…will become our testimony as well.

The church isn’t a building, a denomination or a symbol, it’s a group of people who have the character, power and actions of Christ formed within them. The church is the body of Christ manifested in the world proclaiming, reaching, healing and restoring God’s original script for all of humanity…eternal relationship with our Father.

Alot of people beat up the church but the church is still Christ’s bride that he gave himself up for and it still is the hope of the world. I am a leader of a local church that is seeking to lead the change in the community God has entrusted to us by being so immersed in the character, power and actions of Christ, that the message of the Gospel will be so irresistably contagious to unbelievers everywhere, that they will seek to taste and see that the Lord is good.

Thank you to everyone for your recent comments and thoughts, they are provocative and add to the ongoing dialogue in a positive way.

Lead the Change!

2 Responses to “What Church is and is not!”

  1. My church is just as big as God wants it right now. Boy, does that feel good to say! Keep it up correy!

  2. fortysixand2 Says:

    I believe in God, only I spell it Nature. — Frank Lloyd Wright

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