The ‘E’ Word!

The ‘E’ Word has become one of the dirtiest words in the church. It’s a word that strikes fear into the hearts of many Christians and causes parents to grab their kids and shove them under the seat in church. It’s a word that causes anxiety attacks and nausea to pew-sitters. It’s a word that the church is trying to ignore but companies like Apple and Google are embracing.

What is the ‘E’ word? You’ve probably guessed it by now but it is ‘e..e…e….e…..evangelism’ Just saying it is an effort in itself. Right now companies like Apple and Google and others are employing evangelists for the proclamation of their brands. Not the proclamation of the gospel but of their companies way of life. This is happening on such a scale that people are starting to think that ‘evangelism’ is the new futuristic buzz word for hi-tech companies wanting to expand their brand’s popularity in the global market.

This is sad because unbelievers are doing a better job at promoting their brand than the church is at promoting the gospel. I visited Borders the other day and discovered that one of the top best selling books in the Christianity section was a book written by a non-Christian titled ‘Jesus’. The author is Deepack Chopra, a new age philosopher…What the?

Evangelism after all is just another form of marketing. Either the gospel is the power unto salvation or it isn’t. If the gospel is worth communicating, it should be communicated well. If our hearts have been touched and changed by the power of the gospel then we should be advocates of sharing the power of it’s message freely and intentionally.

What does the ‘E’ word mean to you? Have you allowed yourself to be lulled into a false sense of security regarding your own salvation to the point of ignoring the lost and hurting around you? Have you so cocooned yourself from the world around you that you no longer have anything to say to the issues in people’s lives? Have you decided that you are too busy to engage people in conversation about spiritual things or do you just feel inadequate and overwhelmed by the pain in the world?

If you’ve thought any of these things then you are in good company. Most of us have. i know i certainly have and i am crying out to God to change my heart attitude about these things.

While evangelism is a dirty word, it’s still on the menu and absolutely necessary if we are going to be the church Jesus died for. Jesus came to seek and save the lost. That was his primary mission and the mission hasn’t changed. We must examine our attitudes towards the ‘E’ word and pursue the Spirit of God’s adjustment in our own lives if we’re to be congruent about our faith.

Lead the Change!

2 Responses to “The ‘E’ Word!”

  1. Hey Corey,

    Just found your blog, so don’t know too much about you and yours, but I sure hope you were kidding at the start of your last paragraph where you started by saying, “while evangelism is a dirty word…”

    The Bible reminds us of course, that even the evangelists’ dirty feet are beautiful in the site of the Lord–Isaiah 52:7 and Romans 10:15. Isn’t that great–the King of Kings even loves our dirty feet when we’re sharing His gospel! 🙂

    I’ll enjoy getting acquainted with your blog, I’m sure.

    Shannon Smith

  2. Hello;

    We must stop polishing our firetruck and show to everyone how shiny and nice it is. It doesnt matter if our sound system or powerpoint in the truck is the best or the latest… what matters is that we, as firemen, go out and rescue the people inside of that burning building!

    Evangelism is our most (or only) mission!!

    We gotta leave the church! Go out and preach the gospel of Christ… let us do it biblically and let us do it today, while we still have time.

    Thanks for reading.

    God bless.

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