Obedient or Disobedient?

Forces that form your future is the new series i am preaching at Activate Church. In the first week of the series we looked at the force of being ignorant or informed and how these two opposing forces form our future.

Today we are looking at the force of action and in particular the action of obedience or disobedience when it comes to our relationship with God.

The information we act upon is a force that forms our future. Ultimately our actions flow out of the information or ignorance we operate out of.  Once we become informed we then have to decide what to do with that information.

Anthony Robbins once said, “Knowledge is only powerful if its accompanied by massive action.”

In the bible there was a man called Saul who was asked by God to do something but Saul chose to disobey God and his disobedience became a destructive force that ultimately formed his future…death.

The reality is all of us have the capacity to form our future’s in a destructive way if we choose to disobey God’s truth for our lives.

What’s God asking you to do that you aren’t listening to? Choose the force of obedience and watch God form your future in a powerful and positive way.

Lead the Change!

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