Tipping Point!

Malcolm Gladwell has written an international best seller called Tipping Point.

I recommend the book to you as an insightful read and you will get many interesting perspectives that will tip you over into success if you apply them. Here are some of them:

The basic thrust of the book is that it’s possible to do a lot with a little.

Starting an epidemic requires concentrating resources on a few key areas.

The Law of the Few says that Connectors (Networkers), Mavens (Knoweldge workers) and Salesman (Persuasive communicators) are soley responsible for starting word of mouth epidemics. Don’t ask anyone else to spread your word for you, these 3 groups of people will do it soley for you.

Manipulating the size of a group to no more than 150 can dramitically improve people’s receptivity to new ideas.

Context informs reality more than we realise. Change the context and reality changes.

By tinkering with the presentation of information, you can dramitically improve its stickiness factor.

Anything that’s pushed in the right place can tip over into an epidemic. Read the book for the fleshing out of these insights.

Lead the Change!

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